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Pastel' Rates

Social pricing

You benefit from a reduced rate for your travel pass under certain income conditions.

If you receive French family benefits (e.g. if you receive housing benefit), you will find the amount of your Family Quotient on your Caisse d'Allocation Familial benefit payment certificate.
You will benefit from a more or less significant discount depending on your family allowance quotient.


Students who have recently arrived in Grenoble should apply directly to the Grenoble CROUS, which is in a position to provide you with a certificate stating your income, so that you are also able to take advantage of the affordable pricing scheme.

Pastel' Rates since february 5th 2016

FQ up to 408 €
2,50 € 30 €
FQ of 409 to 511 €
9,80 € 117,60 €
FQ of 512 to 591 €
14,80 € 177,60 €
FQ of 592 to 661 €
19,70 € -
(2) The Annual schemes are reserved for over 65s ans disabled persons only (disability level of at least 80 %). Those over ages 75 can also sign up for the Pastel'1 scheme. (FQ = Family Quotient )


Supporting documents

To take out a season ticket:

  • a recent and original passport photograph (35 x41 mm)

  • your identity document

To renew a season ticket:

  • your OùRA! card

Vanille, Grenadine, Café, Menthe and Cannelle 12 passes

  • no supporting documents

Pass' Soleil 12

  • registration form issued by the company

To benefit from the Pastel rate (affordable pricing)

  • Family benefit recipients: your family benefit certificate issued during the current or previous month. Your certificate is available on the CAF website or at the CAF office.
  • Persons not in receipt of Family Benefit: please go to your town hall, your district’s Central Social Activities Fund(1), or an approved body with an original copy of your latest tax notice(2), your family record book, and an identity document, so that your family quotient can be calculated.

(1) If you live in a district outside the Grenoble Urban Area, please refer to the “Tarification Solidaire” leaflet. 

(2) Are you under 26? Please refer to the “Tarification Solidaire” leaflet.

Any false statement or falsification of documents on the customers’ part will result in the cancellation of their entitlement to affordable pricing for a period of two years.



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