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Useful information

Everything you need to know to travel on the TAG network with complete peace of mind.

To travel legally

  • Swipe your travel pass automatically every time you enter a vehicle. Passes can be swiped on board buses and at tram stop platforms. You will also need to swipe your travel pass every time you make a connection.
  • Your ticket is valid for one hour, with connecting and return trips allowed. You will need to stamp your ticket before the one hour period has expired for the return trip.
  • Children under the age of four travel for free of charge on the TAG network.
  • Wave to the conductor when you are at the bus stop; buses do not stop automatically, unlike trams.
  • Please behave courteously towards other passengers: although seats are reserved for them, please give up your seat to the elderly persons, pregnant women, very young children, and disabled persons. 
  • Please enter the bus at the front; this will enable you to buy your travel pass from the driver or to swipe it if you already have one. Please leave through the rear doors of the bus. Please let other passengers get off the bus.
  • Let passengers off the tram before getting on.
  • You can pay for your purchases from the automatic ticket machine with your bank card. These machines do not accept bank notes, but do accept coins for cash payments. 

Travelling properly

Please note that any breach to these rules will be punished. The following are prohibited on board the vehicles: eating and drinking, smoking, disrupting the peace and quiet of other passengers by using audio appliances with no headphones, and putting your feet on the seats.


Cats, small dogs, dogs for the visually impaired, and police and military police dogs travel free of charge. Large dogs (e.g. Alsatians/German Shepherds) must be muzzled and kept on a lead, and their owner must have a full-price travel pass for the dog. Dangerous dogs are not allowed.

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